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How to use masilotti theme

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Updated for Xcode 12

Notification box


This is TLDR notification

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Something not ideal might be happening.

You can now wait for elements in UI Testing with a single line.

Notification with images

Starting with Xcode 12, test failures automatically appear at the calling line!


Image scrollable

Screenshot of https://xwing.app
Screenshot of the landing page, https://xwing.app.

Images with text caption

Two unit tests, zero integration tests

Two unit tests, zero integration tests

Items with timelines

  • Aug 18
    First notes in notebook
  • Aug 19
    Start coding
  • Aug 21
    Launch MVP
  • Aug 24
    Launch landing page
  • Sep 9
    Launch customizations
  • Sep 19
    First paying customer!

To use this, you have to add gist to YAML Front Matter for example

layout: post
gist: https://gist.github.com/tuyenld/79ada5f9e0ffdec990aad2db0becbadd

The code from this post is available on GitHub as a single gist.

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  1. How to use masilotti theme


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